CareVest® Blended MIC Fund Inc.

CareVest® Blended MIC Fund Inc. (CV Blended MIC) has been created to generate sustainable income while preserving corporate capital for reinvestment. To achieve this principal investment objective, CV Blended MIC will use the net subscription proceeds to invest in eligible investments relating to residential mortgages and commercial mortgages. Such eligible investments will only occur in accordance with CV Blended MIC’s investment guidelines. Mortgage opportunities will be referred by CareVest® Capital Inc. (CareVest), to CV Blended MIC and Carecana™ Management Corp. (Carecana) for approval and will be managed by Carecana.

Product Overview

See A1 Preferred Shares MIC Facts Sheet

See B1 Preferred Shares MIC Facts Sheet

Please find the offering memorandum for CareVest Blended MIC Fund Inc.:

Offering Memorandum

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